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These are but a few of the various projects I have worked on over the years. Some of these were in a team environment and others on my own.

[Fla-Ver] Artisan Crafted Mints

These tiny crunchy mint candies were created in a variety of foodie inspred flavors. These designs were inspired by clean package designs with simple iconic representations.

Marvin Candy & Displays Lighthouse Stand Up Bulk Taffy Display

A Candy distributor and fixture supplier requested a fixture that was capable of displaying 24 flavors of Salt Water Taffy in a 360 degree display in corrugate. Letts Design developed a concept that was submitted to a short run Suppplier. Once final dielines were settled upon, completion of all final graphics with bleed were delivered to the vendor for final print, cut and score to fulfill the final order shipped flat and ready to assemble.

Bojacal Farms

A small locally Family owned and operated duck egg producer selling in Mid-Ohio. Until these labels were created and branded their sales were marginal. This professional presentation has since assisted in their prominence and sales furthering growth.

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