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These are but a few of the various projects I have worked on over the years. Some of these were in a team environment and others on my own.

American Village Citizens Trust Independence Hall West Wing Foyer

American Village Citizens Trust located in Montevallo, AL is home to many famous historic landmarks such as Mt. Vernon and Jefferson's home. Philadelphia's Independence Hall is being added and this was Phase 1 of 3. This Foyer experience places visitors in Boston between 1765 and 1775 on the cusp of the American Revolution introducing visitors to the Intolerable Acts placed upon colonists by Parliament. This experience ends with an exclusive film created just for American Village. This project in association with Media Merge, was a 2 year endeavor where I was scenic design director responsible for concepts to finish detail, graphics, and prop elements.

Steel City Trampoline Park Super Mural and Environment Graphics

I was approached by a friend to help theme out the Trampoline Center he was working on in a converted 16 screen movie theater. The theater was dropping four screens to accommodate the Park. Unfortunately the Project never materialized due to change of management, but a complete vision was achieved. Thanks to CJ Franks for assisiting me heavily on this project. All art created in Adobe Illustrator and Sketchup.

Appalachiosaurus at the Birmingham Shuttlesworth Airport

McWane Science Center was given the opportunity to advertise as part of the renovation at the Birmingham, AL Shuttlesworth International Airport which would feature elements of Birmingham's rich cultural heritage and many attractions.

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