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These are but a few of the various projects I have worked on over the years. Some of these were in a team environment and others on my own.

Halo: Reach - EOD

I don't often create art for myself but this became a 3 year personal journey with over 700 hours of  labor and craftsmanship. I was turned onto some pretty amazing software which lead me to a community of people that I am proud to be a part of today. I now have some amazing friends all over the globe and have been fortunate enough to meet many of them because of this hobby.

Halo 4 - HAZOP

A second set of armor for myself that brought me into molding and casting and foam fabrication. Over 200 hours of fabrication went into this personal piece and took me about 6 months. 

Various Prop Projects

Some of these were commissions, others for family, and some are items I currently sell on my Etsy Shop!

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